Natura Sciences is a pure player media, created in 2009 by Mathieu Combe, accompanied a few years later by Chayma Deb. Both are committed to provide scientifically verified information on global warming and the dangers related to the progressive disappearance of biodiversity. Faced with the growing pressure of the climate crisis, the team renewed itself through a new, more radical editorial line: Urgence 2030. The graphic, editorial and strategic overhaul is then ensured by the studio Jentgen design and Clémence Garcin then in internship of end of studies. Natura Sciences now adopts a more radical and precise tone that is reflected in the identity directly inspired by the Bauhaus movement: impactful, minimalist and precise. The logo embodies the desire to learn and understand, the star representing the knowledge radiating at 360°. The range of pictograms is designed to immediately identify the new sections of the media. Finally, the UX of the site is entirely recreated, the navigation of the articles is now done via cards optimizing the ergonomics and the navigation on the site.